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Anker is a brand that has gained a reputation for products such as electronic accessories and portable chargers. The company specializes in producing high quality, durable and innovative technology products. Anker products cover a wide range of products including:

Chargers: Anker manufactures fast chargers for phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices. These chargers allow you to quickly charge your devices and make users’ daily lives easier.

Wireless Headphones: Anker offers ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) headphones as well as wireless headphones and in-ear headphones. They offer quality sound experience and comfortable use.

Portable Chargers: Anker manufactures portable chargers, allowing users to charge mobile phones and other devices anytime and anywhere. These devices are extremely useful for travelers and people with active lifestyles.


Tozo is a brand that produces protective cases, screen protectors and similar products for smartphones and tablets. Tozo products have the following features:

Protective Cases: Tozo offers slim and stylish protective cases for phones and tablets. While these cases protect devices from scratches, bumps and drops, they also have an attractive appearance in terms of design.

Screen Protectors: Tozo manufactures high quality screen protectors to protect screens from scratches and damage. These screen protectors increase the durability of the screen while maintaining touch sensitivity.

User-Friendly Design: Tozo products are designed to enable users to use their devices comfortably. They offer products that are easy to install and use.

Anker and Tozo have a significant customer base in the world of technology by prioritizing quality products and customer satisfaction. RHL Global offers franchise opportunities for business owners or individuals who want to bring these two brands to a wider audience in America. With these opportunities, you can contribute to the success of Anker and Tozo and grow your own business.


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