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Tozo A3 DSP Noise Canceling Bluetooth 5.3 TWS Wireless Headphone is a wireless headset that you can use comfortably in your daily life. It transmits sound in the clearest way thanks to its 14.2mm drivers. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.3, it consumes less energy and has an uninterrupted connection. TOZO A3, which includes DSP and ORIGX technologies, is designed to provide the best experience. DSP technology reduces environmental noise so you hear sounds more clearly. ORIGX technology is a technology designed by TOZO engineers to deliver sounds to your ears in the best way possible. Thanks to its compact structure, you will not have any difficulty in carrying it with you. You can find out the charging status of the box thanks to the light at the bottom of the charging box. Thanks to the touch surfaces of the headphones, you can easily perform operations such as changing songs, lowering the volume, increasing the volume, answering and rejecting phone calls. It has a shooting distance of 10 meters, so you can make phone calls or listen to music when your phone is not with you. It has a frequency range of 20Hz – 20Khz, so you can hear the trebles and bass clearly. The charging box has a large 400mAh battery, you can use it for long periods of time during the day with the charging box.


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