Anker 625 Solar Panel (100W)

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Anker 625 PowerHouse 100W PowerSolar Panel

Anker 625 PowerHouse 100W PowerSolar Panel offers a very effective solution to provide energy for your outdoor activities. You may have limited access to electricity while camping or on long trips. Anker 625 PowerHouse 100W PowerSolar Panel allows you to obtain energy from direct sunlight, so you can run your camping equipment or electronic devices and meet your energy needs.

You Can Easily Charge Your PowerHouses!

You can easily charge PowerHouses with the Anker 625 PowerHouse 100W PowerSolar Panel. This solar panel is compatible with PowerHouse 512, 535, 757 and 767 models. It helps you charge the battery of your PowerHouse with solar energy in a practical and convenient way, ensuring that you always meet your energy needs during your outdoor activities.

Increase Efficiency with Smart Sunlight Alignment Technology

Anker 625 PowerHouse 100W PowerSolar Panel features smart sunlight alignment. Thanks to the specially integrated sunlight module, you can easily position your panel in the right position and get a regular charging experience by properly capturing all the sun’s rays. It automatically continues charging when weather conditions change, when you move from a cloudy area to a sunny area, or from a shaded area to a sunny area. This feature allows you to make the most of solar energy, increasing the efficiency of your solar panel. Anker 625 PowerHouse 100W PowerSolar Panel also provides ultra-secure protection to your devices. This panel is equipped with overvoltage, short circuit and alternating current protection, thus keeping your devices safe and protected from potential damage.


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